1. I made myself a new Kiridashi from an old Shakuri Kanna ( grooving plane :)
    The accident which caused me to post the question about bloodstains inspired me to make this one :D

    The accident happened because my cutter knife broke while carving out a piece of wood…. I spilled a lot of blood over my tools and cleaning up was a lot of work. Fortunately the blood is easy to get off of my tools as the wood of most of them is worn smooth but the beech lid of my toolbox caught most of the blood and it soaked right in and sanding or scraping it would have meant a lot of work so I decided to ask you for help :D

    I guess this one won’t break (^-^;)
    It is 6mm thick :D

    Anyway I’m a little ashamed of it as one of the blogs I read is that of a professional knife maker (^^;)

    Still it is really sharp and I’m looking forward to use it :3

    I like this chisel wrapper :3
    It is made from a discarded Kimono :D

  2. Thank you :)

    I tried the method nok0706 suggested :)
    It worked *\(^-^)/*

    I didn’t want to sand the surface because I already finished it with my scrapers and did not want to go through the same process again :D
    Usually when this happened I would just use my scrapers or my plane but this time I did not want to remove any material.

    So thank you very much m(_ _)m

  3. Bloodstains

    Hello does anyone have an idea on how to remove bloodstains from unfinished wood?

    I cut myself today and bled all over the place :D

  4. Today I made the mounting fixture for the wall socket :)

    I made it from aluminium sheets that I had laying around :D
    When I saw how the piece of plywood locked on the socket I thought that it looked much nieces than the usual plastic parts :D

    I wired up my life insurance as well. There are so many wires in this lathe (°_°;)
    Which is kind of my own fault because I was the one who made the wiring diagrams and decided to do it this way (^-^;)

    On the second the second image from the bottom you can the the mounted socket and the wiring :)
    The top of the wiring terminals is for the supply side and the bottom of it is for the consumer end. This way everything has its place and it is a lot easier to search for faults.

    Most electric things I made at my former workplace were made for 220 V DC and up to 1600 kV AC so this is very different and yet very similar :D

    There is a cherry tree in front of the house which happens to be in full bloom now and it is just awesome to see it :3

    I also resharpened my large ripping saw and made a test cut :D
    It is so great to feel the difference it makes to have a sharp saw :3

  5. This weeks work :)
    I finished the fixed pieces of the cabinet and the hood for the fan of the VFD and put a connector on the cable for the control panel :)

    I wanted to try something new and made a wave on the backside of the cabinet :D
    This is a place that no one will see later on (^-^;)
    It is just that I like hidden details :3

    I made the hood using aluminium and rivets :)
    I like to work with sheet metals (^-^)
    I used my sheet metal bender and a pattern to make the round part.
    This way the airflow from the 140 mm fan is directed over the fins of the VFD :)
    The rest of the cabinet will be cooled by a smaller 80mm Fan that is mounted in the top left corner :)

    I was thinking about wiring everything up today but I’m not feeling too well so I decided to do some homework for my studies instead (^-^;)
    And of course to write this article :D

    I won’t be able to get too much work done next week because I need to do some stuff for my studies but I guess I will get the control panel and the electric part wired up :)
    I don’t think I will be able to get the door for it finished though so I guess the project will be done in about 2 to 3 weeks :)

    Anyway I wish all of you a great week (^-^)/

  6. Some photos from the forest that is close to my home :)
    I like to go on walks through the woods (^-^)

    Everything is green right now \(^-^)/
    I just wish people wouldn’t throw their garbage into the woods (; _ ;)
    It is so annoying that you just need to look into the woods and see old car parts and plastic bags :(

    I really like trees they are amazing and so useful :)
    I like the smell and the feel of trees and the texture and the smell of wood :D
    Also the Komorebi (light that filters through the trees :) is great :3

    The goose on the last photo is sad to look at. Its wife/girlfriend died and it is just standing before the mirror most of the time (; _ ;)
    It seems to feel better lately but you just see and feel that something is not the way it should be.

  7. My newold plane :D
    I always wanted to get a sliding dovetail plane (Ari-Shakuri-Kanna and Ari-Kake-Shakuri-Kanna) :3

    I saw this one on ebay (sorry if one of you was outbid by me (>_<;)
    I knew it was in a bad shape and needed a lot of work so I will cover my progress on the restoration :)
    I think this form is really desirable as it combines both types of dovetail planes you need to make a sliding dovetail joint :)
    The Ari-Shakuri-Kanna part forms the part of the dovetail joint that you can slide in and the Ari-Kake-Shakuri-Kanna part form the part that you slide on :)
    You just need to change the position of the fence on this one :)

    It smelled Japanese when I unwrapped it :3
    I like this typical Japanese smell that seems to consist of a subtle note of wood, camellia and spices :3
    It is very different from the smell of India :D India has a strong smell with many colorful notes while Japan is more subtle and restrained yet unique and characteristic :3 I think both are very enjoyable but the Japanese fits my character much better :D

    I just started reading this book :3
    I really like Noh theatre and I try to learn more about it (^-^)

    The hardware cleaned up quite well and the rust was gone after a few passes with the wire brush and the oil&grit method I use (make sure you clean up the threads after using it ;)
    judging by the hardware this thing is really old (^-^;)
    The thread is neither an imperial nor a metric thread and has a profile that I did not know yet. The way the pieces are made suggests that a blacksmith made those :)
    The threaded pieces don’t fit my other planes as well while I can generally swap the parts between those :D

    The riving knifes are pretty far gone and I hope there is still enough steel on them to remove the deep pitting (~_~)
    The main blade is fine though :)
    I think I will still end up with a Beta Ura (flat back) thou….

    The fence had a deep check and the screws in it were so rusted that 2 of them just broke off.
    I need to make a new fence or glue a new piece to the old part to make it usable again :)

    The main body is okay now that I removed the steel chunks that were rusted to the body :D
    The blades don’t fit anymore and I will need to glue some repair pieces to it so that the blades will wedge against the body again (right now they just fall  through the body :D)

    I’d like to keep some of its character because I think a tools that appeals to the eyes is a tool you are much more likely to use (^-^)

    Anyway thank you for reading and I wish all of you a great time (^-^)/

  8. Finished the sides and the frame for the cabinet :)I did this instead of resharpening the blade of my jointer (^-^;)I need to remove so much material to get back to a usable cutting edge (&gt;_&lt;;)
I used an old sheet of poplar plywood and some left over fir slats to make the cabinet :)
I still need to add the top rails that will hold the frame for the electrical part in place, the bach of the cabinet, a second fan that will serve as a vent for the cabinet and the door :)

    Finished the sides and the frame for the cabinet :)
    I did this instead of resharpening the blade of my jointer (^-^;)
    I need to remove so much material to get back to a usable cutting edge (>_<;)

    I used an old sheet of poplar plywood and some left over fir slats to make the cabinet :)

    I still need to add the top rails that will hold the frame for the electrical part in place, the bach of the cabinet, a second fan that will serve as a vent for the cabinet and the door :)

  9. My last presentable photos from Hida Takayama :)

    I really like the Kamidana (small shrine) that are scattered all over Japanese towns and villages :)
    They are works of art and give every street a very unique character :3

    I like the wild and consuming nature of Japan :D
    Plants grow everywhere and seem to absorb old buildings, electrical installations and streets :D
    It is a very nice contrast to see the well trimmed gardens on one side of the street and on the other side there is a wilderness that looks as if no human came close to it for years :3

    Takayama is a very neat and clean town though :D
    Like every other Japanese town (^-^;)

    Right now I wish I could be there and go on hiking tours through the surrounding landscape :3

    My personal stuff :D
    Last week was a very busy week for me because I need to fill out a huge amount of paperwork and because of my exam (^-^;)

    I made good progress on the lathe this weekend but forgot to take photos (^-^)
    I’m still working on the cabinet for the electric stuff.
    I hope to finish it next weekend but it depends on an assignment I need to finish :)
    It looks like I won’t be able to get any work done until next weekend (^-^;)
    I hope I can at least resharpen the blade of my jointer plane (>_<;)
    The blade got damaged because there was a nail the wood had grown around…. Trees are awesome x3

  10. Some of my photos from Hida Takayama :)

    It is not a busy place and rather small but there is a lot to see :D
    The sky was very gloomy the whole time I stayed there and it rained a lot :D

    There are many old Japanese buildings and many nice details to see.
    I was a little disappointed in the hotel which was not bad but I just couldn’t grow warm on it.
    The staff was nice and friendly the rooms were neat and clean and the Onsen in it was great but it felt cold and generic.
    The only thing Japanese or homely about it was the neat and clean inside of it but in this case it just amplified the feeling I had that this place was not made to be lived in or to be traveled to it was more of a place that made you feel as if you polluted it by being there.

    I know there are people who love to be pampered and who like the feeling that the staff is not on their level and the perfect white of the walls but to me it makes places feel devoid of stories and life.

    I didn’t travel to Japan to be placed into a cocoon of generic experiences, a fake feeling of safety and images of a past Japan.
    I wanted to see and feel the place.
    To me traveling was always about experiences and learning about the place itself.
    I think that many of the most wonderful memories from my travels are from places that are around the tourist spots or of tourist tracks.
    I find it thrilling to talk to a local person because they show you their view of the place. A view a tourist guide, written by a foreigner, can never show or convey.

    My favourite things about Takayama are Hida beef, Hida Milk, the mountain herbs :3 the clouds that were flowing over the hills like waves and the old buildings :)
    I’m pretty focussed on food (^-^;)
    It is pretty easy to make friends with me by giving me food :D

    This became a rather lengthy text (°_°;)
    Sorry I got carried away (^-^;)

    A short at the update again :D
    I started working on the cabinet and I’m making good progress :)
    My vacations are over now and I need to attend some lectures so there will probably be less posts (^-^;)
    Also I need to write and exam on thursday :(